At the 2015 LGBTQ Caucus business meeting, members discussed whether the newsletter should be resurrected.  Most members concurred that some form of newsletter would help keep members informed about relevant events and discussions.  In light of this general interest, Dan Schermond has graciously volunteered (on a trial basis) to coordinate the production of an annual LGBTQ Caucus newsletter, with the intention of circulating the letter before each year’s annual meeting.

At present, it is hoped that the newsletter may include:

  • Updates on the activity of Caucus members at the ASA annual meetings — a schedule detailing which members are presenting, and at which sessions
  • Updates on Caucus members’ research (highlighting both works-in-progress and recent publications)
  • Reflections on Caucus members’ experiences as LGBTQ scholars — in the classroom, within the discipline, and within academia more generally
  • A travel guide spotlighting queer-friendly bars, clubs, and events local to each year’s conference destination

Keep an eye on this space for updates from Dan between now and ASA 2016!

In the meantime, online versions of a couple of ancient Caucus newsletters may be found here:


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