“Pee in Peace” Initiative

At the 2015 Caucus business meeting, members voiced a number of concerns regarding the ASA’s ongoing efforts to provide all-gender restroom facilities.  An ad-hoc committee (known colloquially as the “Pee In Peace Committee”) has been convened to present these issues to the ASA Council, promoting awareness of the need for all-gender restrooms that are inclusive, convenient, and accessible (as well as the need for all restrooms — gendered and otherwise — to provide safe space for trans and gender non-conforming patrons).

The Pee In Peace Committee (headed by Caucus members Dan Schermond, Jaime Hartless, and Shawn Trivette) has composed and submitted a letter to the Council’s Committee on the Status of LGBTQ People in Sociology, which you can read using the link here.  Future goals of the Committee include producing placards to help conference attendees more effectively identify and locate all-gender restrooms, adding information on the ASA restroom policy to future conference programs, and creating an all-gender restroom locator to be added to next year’s conference mobile app.

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